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Curve Treadmill

Product Name: Curve Treadmill JG 9700
Brand: AFTON
Stock Availability: Yes


Product Features:
Overview : Curved treadmills have quickly grown in popularity due to requiring very little maintenance. Coupled with this, there’s arguments as to the improved biomechanics and skill required to run on the curved bed…I’m undecided on this myself. The skill required to run on a curved manual bed means the further up the curve you are, the faster you will go. If you’re used to running at the front of a motorised treadmill bed, you’ll need to be mindful that you’ll quickly reach full-speed (a sprint) like this. Being manual, ultimately the user determines the pace, which is refreshing and it proves a very useful method of performing interval training…it somehow feels more natural to increase stride length to increase the belt’s speed of travel, rather than push a button and then adjust your pace to suit the bed’s speed.


Warranty Period:
1 year from the date of supply from dubaifitness, No warranty for physical damages

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